General Medicine and Surgery

Whether you use your horse for pleasure riding, hunting, three star eventing or racing it is vital that they are in peak health to perform at their best. If your horse is unwell we have diagnostic tools including an in-house blood testing laboratory, portable digital radiography, endoscopy and ultrasound scanning to diagnose most diseases in horses. We can offer home or hospitalised care for your horse. We also offer disease prevention advice and vaccinations including

  • • tetanus, strangles, herpes and salmonella vaccinations
  • • faecal egg counting and parasite prevention
  • • nutrition and dietary advice

Horses are notourius for finding the only protruding nail in the entire paddock and injuring themselves. At these times it is important that they are attended by a vet as soon as possible. This gives your horse the best chance of recovering from the injury. The earlier a wound is seen the higher the chance is that we can stitch the wound closed and the better the chance of recovery. We can also do minor surgical procedures either at the clinic or in your clean paddock. These include, but are not limited to

  • • castrations
  • • wound management
  • • dental procedures
  • • hernia repairs
  • • caslicks and vaginal surgeries
  • • foal surgeries

Check out the links in the Newsletters and Info section to get more information on common diseases that affect your horse.


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