Sheep 101 : Parasite control

Sheep 101 : Parasite control

Guard against fly strike this summer with an effective parasite control program. Choice of product is important, however with numerous fly and lice treatments on the shelves and various wormers available this can be a confusing task.

We highly recommend preventative parasite treatments. Choose a product which you will be able to apply easily. Most lifestylers don’t have the facilities to sheep dip, however there are some alternative options for external parasite control.

•    Exit Extreme: This is the easiest treatment option. Exit extreme is a pour on product, which provides a minimum of 8 weeks protection from flies and long term protection against lice. A free applicator gun is supplied with the 1l bottle.

•    Cyrazin Spray On: We have a limited supply of cyrazin spray on, pre-bottled into pressurized sprayers for ease of use. This product protects sheep from flies for up to 6 weeks. 

•    Cyrazin KO: Cyrazin KO is a great product and is a cost effective option for preventing fly strike in sheep. The solution must be mixed with water and then used to saturate the sheep wool. This can be done by dipping, or by spraying using a knapsack which has been thoroughly pre-rinsed. Small 250 ml dispensing bottles are available behind the counter, which will mix with water to make 125 litres of solution. 

It is important a responsible drench program and dagging are incorporated into any fly prevention program as mucky sheep will attract large numbers of flies. A responsible drench program usually involves regular drenching of lambs throughout the summer months as well as drenching of ‘at risk ewes.’

‘At risk ewes’ are animals in poor body condition (often mothers of twins or triplets), ewes with dirty bottoms or ewes with high faecal egg counts. Testing on the basis of faecal egg counts allows strategic treatment for parasites. Ideally faecal samples should not be more than a day old, should contain poo from several animals and should be separated by group and age e.g. lambs Vs ewes.

The following recommended drenches are available in small containers behind the counter:

•    Matrix C Hi Min: This is combination product, which must be given orally and is effective against many resistant strains of sheep worms.

•    First Hi Min: This is a combination product, which must be given orally and is effective against round worms and tape worms and is safe for young lambs from 15 kg. 

•    Trimox Hi Min: This is a triple combination product, which is given orally and may be effective where other products have failed. It is also effective against itch mite.

If you suspect a resistance issue on your property please talk to an RVC vet, who will be able to help investigate the problem and instigate an effective parasite control program.


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