Vaccinating Lambs

Vaccinating Lambs

At a minimum, lambs should be vaccinated against clostridial diseases which can cause sudden death in lambs.

If the mother has been vaccinated prior to lambing the lambs will need 2 shots of Ultravacc, 7 in 1. The first dose should be given at 4-6 weeks old and the follow up dose 4-6 weeks later.

If the ewe was unvaccinated the lambs will also need a dose of lamb vaccine early in life, this can be done at the time of tail docking.

Vaccines come in an injectable form. This means you will need clean needles and syringes to administer the product, follow dose rates on package, and inject the vaccine just under the skin in the neck area.

To inject under the skin use only a short needle, pull up a piece of skin and place the needle in at almost a 180 degree angle to the lamb- make sure the needle does not exit the skin at the other side!

For more advice about vaccinating your lambs call us at RVC 03 313 8387.


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