Frequently Asked Questions

Is my pet safe?


You should definitely continue to use your pets as a source of entertainment and comfort, BUT if someone coughs into their hand and then strokes a dog, and then another person pats it and touch their face, this is a possible way of transferring infection.

Do not touch other people’s dogs and do not allow them to pat your’s.

Virus can enter through your nose or mouth, so do not have pets near your face and definitely do not kiss them or allow them to lick you.

Thoroughly wash hands before eating or touching your face, after touching your pet.

There is NO evidence that pets get sick with Covid-19.  There is just an assumption that they could play a role in virus-transfer between people, like any inanimate object could. Therefore, if you are showing signs of Covid-19, try to have someone else care for your pet until you test negative.

Is my pet's vaccination essential?

Initial vaccination courses for pups and kittens will be completed to prevent a disease outbreak. Their course ends at 16 weeks for pups and 6 months for cats. PLEASE Call us first. 03 313 7438 to book and appointment for this. 

Vaccination boosters for adult dogs and cats can wait until lockdown has eased.

Prevent disease by keeping cats indoors, especially at night, and stop your dogs from having direct contact with other dogs.

Be assured that Parvo is unlikely to be a problem if adult dog vaccines are delayed by a couple of months, but Canine Cough (spread by coughing) could be.  We will ensure that your pets’ boosters are conducted as soon as possible when Covid19 is better controlled.

What if I run out of pet supplies?

If you require products, such as food, flea and worm treatments, litter etc please visit our online shop.

This is a nationwide delivery service, you will find on this website the same products we stock in store.

Please note this is not a same or next day delivery service, please do not leave placing your order till your last scoop.


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