After hours

Who can I contact AFTER HOURS?

It is our goal to provide a complete, local and uninterrupted emergency and critical care service to our region. Staffing this after hours service has at times proven to be a lot more challenging than we expected particularly in trying to find suitably qualified veterinarians.  We currently have two emergency care veterinarians and require a third for full vet cover.

Since the service began, sick and injured pets in the hospital have been under the care and attention of a qualified veterinary nurse, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The nurse is also available to provide telephone advice and assistance to clients with enquiries about their pets after hours.

From Sunday to Friday we also have a dedicated veterinarian at the hospital to attend to new emergency cases as they arise. When vet staffing is interrupted, due to emergencies or illness, our afterhours nurse can give telephone advice and direct appropriate cases to the Christchurch afterhours if required.  This will be the case for emergencies between 1.30am and 7.30am until we have a full vet team.

Thank-you for your patience, while we continue to improve our service - we will keep you posted on staffing developments.

Please call 313 8387 any time of day or night for more information, to speak with a nurse or the after hours team.


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24hr/7day emergency care available by phoning 03 313 7438