Is your pet rabbit protected against Calicivirus?


Calicivirus K5 is soon to be released in some areas of the Christchurch Residential Red Zone (Heathcote, Brooklands, Horseshoe Lake, Bexley and Avondale) to manage a significant increase in rabbit numbers. As a result there will be an increase in the disease among the wild rabbit population therefore increasing the possibility of exposure to pet rabbits.

Although it may seem the virus is being released miles from our district, it is important to note that flies and fleas are the main vectors through which the virus is spread. Thus it is quite possible for the virus to reach our district.

Vaccination is key to protecting your rabbits. You can also reduce the risk to your rabbits by removing all uneaten food daily and keep your pet rabbit indoors where possible. We also recommend you rabbit proof your backyard to prevent wild rabbits and limit contact time with, and handling of unfamiliar pet rabbits. 


• Rabbits over 10 weeks of age can be vaccinated. Young rabbits prior to 10 weeks old should be kept inside to reduce the risk of catching the virus until they can be vaccinated. 


• Rabbits vaccinated against previously released strains of the calicivirus are likely to have some immunity, but owners should be aware a booster vaccination is required every 12 months to ensure they maintain the appropriate levels of immunity.


• Rabbits that have not been vaccinated will not be protected, owners should have these animals vaccinated as soon as possible


• If you are unsure of your pet’s vaccination record, call us as soon as possible to get the right advice on how to best protect your rabbit.


• This virus is only a risk to rabbits, other animals are not affected by it.

Cost for vaccination is $75.00 per rabbit 
20% discount for 3 or more

Contact RVC to book your rabbit in for their vaccination to protect them against this deadly virus.

Kaiapoi Vet Clinic 327 8387 
Rangiora Vet Centre 313 8387
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