Feline Medicine

Feline Medicine

If you have anything to do with cats, you will be very aware that they are NOT just “little dogs”! Well, the same is true medically too! Cats are very different from their canine counterparts on a physiological level and this changes the type of diseases they get and our treatment plans too.

Feline medicine is a rapidly expanding field with more information being uncovered every day. Cats also require very respectful handling and restraint when being examined and treated. At the RVC we are a member of the International Society of Feline Medicine and all small animal staff members are trained and comply with internationally recognised feline handling and nursing guidelines. We pride ourselves on providing a separate feline-friendly cat ward which is warm, quiet and totally dog free. We have made the ward as relaxing as possible with environmental enrichment which is specifically modified depending on the patient and their length of stay.

Several of the companion animal team have a particular interest in feline medicine and this reflects in our ability to successfully treat diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and pancreatitis. We are passionate about the level of care we provide so please talk to any team member if you have questions of a feline nature.



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