Hospital Care


If your treasured pet requires hospitalization with us you can be rest assured he or she will be treated like royalty. We have dedicated kennel staff and hospital nurses present during clinic hours to ensure your pet’s stay with us is comfortable and all their needs are met, including regular cuddles!

For our feline hospital patients, to keep stress levels down, we have a separate fully equipped cattery room. Soft bedding, gourmet food, hiding places and elevated cages make for a pleasant stay for the majority of our patients.

For our canine hospital patients we have spacious easy-to-clean kennels with heated flooring. In addition we provide a fenced area outdoors to give the dogs the opportunity to toilet off leash, which most prefer!

For patients who require isolation to protect the spread of infectious diseases we also have a fully equipped air-conditioned isolation room adjacent to our kennels. A big window from the kennels to the isolation room also means we can keep a close watch at all times.

If you would like a mini-tour of our dog and cat wards, so you can see where your pet will be hospitalised and meet the team caring for them, please feel free to ask.


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