Soft Tissue Surgery/Desexing

Soft Tissue Surgery and Desexing

Soft tissue surgery includes all operations that do not involve bones, joints and the spine, and so includes the routine “desexing” or neutering procedures we recommend for all pets. Common soft tissue operations include wound closures, hernia repairs, cancer or tumour removals, bowel surgery and bladder surgery.

Our consultant surgeon, Rebecca Weight, has undertaken masters-level training and examinations in small animal surgery in the UK and Australia, and so we are able to offer more advanced soft tissue procedures here at RVC. Examples include complex oncologic procedures, laryngeal “tie-back”, Ear ablations, ectopic ureter correction, perineal hernia repair and some chest surgery. Rebecca is also available to support the team of 5 other experienced vets with their surgical cases whenever necessary, ensuring all surgical cases are managed to a very high standard.

Our purpose built hospital includes 3 operating theatres, so your pet’s surgical procedure will be performed aseptically in a clean theatre environment, with theatre staff wearing scrub suits, gowns, hats and masks, as you would expect in a human theatre environment. Because of the complex nature of many of our surgical cases, our surgical equipment, supplies and instruments are extensive and great quality too.

We recommend desexing surgery for all pets at 6 months of age. There are proven significant health benefits to this including reduction in rates of cancer in later life, as well as assisting to create a more sociable family member… less likely to wander, less aggressive and usually more relaxed about life! Patients for desexing surgery receive the same careful anaesthesia, pain management and aftercare as all our surgery patients!

Anaesthesia and pain management is often the most concerning factor for owners whose pets require surgery. See our Anaesthesia page for more information.

If you would like more information on desexing your pet or any soft tissue surgery, please contact one of our friendly team. We can even organize a quick guided tour to show you our fantastic inpatient facility if you would like to see where your pet will be cared for during their stay!


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