Animal Health Plans

Animal Health Plans

Prevention is better than cure and an animal health plan is vital for minimising the risk of disease and death of animals on your property.

At RVC we can put together an annual animal health plan which is produced after consultation with you and is specific for your property. You can learn a lot during the consultation and this is an opportunity discuss the health wellbeing of your animals.

Our animal health plans cover all of the livestock classes on your farm eg calves, R1 & R2 replacement stock, as well as the breeding cows and bulls for a beef breeding herd. We can do a health plan for all species including dairy cows, sheep, beef, deer, goats and alpacas.

Important animal health events are planned for each month including vaccinations, parasite monitoring and treatments and trace element monitoring (selenium & copper etc). Other events such as body condition scoring, preparation for mating and external parasites treatments are also recorded.

A useful part of our animal health plans include reminders for certain events. One of our staff will ensure that you never forget what is coming up animal health wise on your farm.

For more information and to set up your customised animal health plan talk to one of our Large Animal vets, our product support manager Colin or Emma our large animal technician today.


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