Sheep Veterinary Services

  • • General Herd Health Advice
    • General Animal Health plans
      • Annual plans to guide your treatment timings and decision making
    • Emergency work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Advise and treat lameness problems
    • Nutrition
    • Ewe Management through winter
    • Abortion storms and increasing lambing percentages
    • Sudden death and ill thrift investigations
  • • Vaccinations
    • Toxovax
    • Campyvax
    • Scabine
    • Clostridial Vaccination
    • Ovastim
  • • Ram Soundness and Brucella Ovis testing
    • All rams should be in good body weight and condition and have no lameness issues.
    • All rams should be palpated to ensure normal sized and toned testicles and epidydimus.
    • B. Ovis causes chronic lesions in the male genital tract that leads to reduced fertility and lower lambing percentages. The bacteria can be passed swiftly through a flock.
      • Diagnosis is by palpation of the testes and blood testing any suspected cases. It is also advisable to blood test a few randomly selected rams
  • • Parasite control
    • Individual farm parasite control plans
    • In-house drench resistance testing

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